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What a Parent Can Expect

  • Open communication

  • Open door policy

  • Safety for your child

  • Honesty and confidence

  • Acceptance of parents' wishes

  • Advance notice of any changes

  • Assurance that everyone in contact with your child(ren) is trustworthy, adequately trainined and supervised

  • Compliance with NYS daycare regulations

  • Snacks prepared in compliance with OCFS Regulations

  • Text availability during hours of operation

  • No junk fees


What Your Provider Expects

  • Open communication

  • Parent Agreement Compliance

  • Payment on time

  • Honesty and trust

  • Notice for change of schedule/absences

  • Pick up on time, payment when late

  • Cubby supplies when requested

  • Participation in daily health check

  • Yearly paperwork updates

  • No surprises

call for rates

845 247-9212

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